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Despite its name, RaptorMed works with ALL types of animals, not just raptors. It is used to treat injured wildlife as well to manage animals in permanent collections in zoos and aquariums.

It is easier to use, more powerful and MUCH less expensive than ANY of the competing programs.

Contact us for a demo and see for yourself.

December, 2017 - Maitland, FL - RaptorMed installed at the Audubon Center for Birds of Prey. This large center treats 800+ raptors each year and they do some amazing work with bald eagles.

October, 2017 - Norra Valugrund, Finland - RaptorMed installed at the Nordic Wildlife Care. This is our first European installation and we are very happy to be able to help Dr. Assaf Wydra and his Nordic wildlife friends.

July, 2017 - Toronto, Canada - RaptorMed installed at the Toronto Wildlife Center. Now our Canadian friends will be able to care for their huge caseload more effectively and efficienty with RaptorMed as part of their team.

July 2017 - RaptorMed can now be accessed remotely. The full function and capability of the system is now available whether you are on site or half-way around the world. Contact us for more information.

July 1, 2017 - The fourth RaptorMed newsletter is now available. Check it out HERE

April, 2017 - Portland, OR - RaptorMed installed at the Audubon Society of Portland. This is quite possibly the oldest wildlife rehabilitation facility in the United States and we are pleased that RaptorMed is going to help them continue to achieve their mission.

February, 2017 - Fort Wayne, IN - RaptorMed installed at the Soarin' Hawk Raptor Rehabilitation Center. This unique organization does rehab and has education birds but it operates out of many different locations. Each location will remotely access the RaptorMed database in order to collaborate and care for their animals.

January, 2017 - Los Angeles, CA - RaptorMed installed at the Wildlife Waystation. This organization provides a home for hunders of large cats, primates and all sorts of other creatures. It is an amazing place and I am honored that RaptorMed will be used to care for all these wonderful animals.

December, 2016 - Bellvue, NE - RaptorMed installed at the Fontenelle Forest Raptor Recovery. This organization rehabs hundreds of raptors each year. They also operate a large education facility with raptor and non-raptor species. RaptorMed will be used to manage their entire collection at both geographically separated locations.

December, 2016 - St. Louis, MO - RaptorMed installed at the World Bird Sanctuary. This is a world-reknown facility that has an amazing collection of rators including "Dorothy" the Andean Condor. They also have a variety of non-raptor species including two really cool fruit bats.

October 30, 2016 - The second RaptorMed newsletter is now available. Check it out HERE

October, 2016 - Raleigh, NC - RaptorMed installed at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. This is a very complicated installation involving a wide range of terestrial and aquatic animals that are used in static displays and also in a large array of programs. RaptorMed has been customized extensivley to duplicate their workflow and facilitate coordination between many disparate groups and the veterinary services department.

October, 2016 - Cordelea, CA - RaptorMed installed at the International Bird Rescue in San Francisco Bay. The LA and SF centers are now both running RaptorMed and they will also be using a mobile installation of the system when responding to offsite oil spills.

June 3, 2016 - The first RaptorMed newsletter is now available. Check it out HERE

May, 2016 - We are very pleased to announce that Ashley Whitesell, DVM has joined the RaptorMed team. Ashley is an small animal/avian/exotic vet in Gastonia, NC and she will also be helping with customer support. Don't hesitate to contact her at ashley@raptormed.com if you have any questions or concerns.

April, 2016 - San Pedro, CA - RaptorMed installed at the International Bird Rescue in Los Angeles. The system will be used to care for injured waterfowl including those involved in oil spills. The system will soon be installed at the other IBR center in San Francisco and a mobile version of the database will be available for when the crew is on location at spills across the globe.

April, 2016 - Pine Knoll Shores, NC - RaptorMed installed at the North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores. This is the third and final NC Aquarium to be using RaptorMed. Now each aquarium can seemlessly share data and transfer animal records electronically. The previous ZIMS database was pre-loaded into RaptorMed to minimize any downtime during the transition.

October, 2015 - Auburn, AL - RaptorMed installed at the Southeastern Raptor Center at Auburn University.

August, 2015 - Roanoke Island, NC - RaptorMed installed at the North Carolina Aquarium on Roanoke Island. This is our second NC Aquarium and we are happy to welcome them to the RaptorMed family. RaptorMed will be used to manage their resident aquarium population and all their rehab turtles in their STAR center.

July 2015 - State College, PA - RaptorMed installed at the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center. This center is part of Penn State. They have a great raptor education program and also have a collection including various turtles and a few poisonous snakes.

May 2015 - Dallas, TX - RaptorMed installed at the Blackland Prairie Raptor Center. This center will be opening this summer and will serve a huge area extending hundreds of miles outside the Dallas area. They are also currently very busy doing educational programs with a team of 10 resident raptors and have a really cool hissing cockroach colony to help feed their screech owls!

Mar 2015 - Doha, Qatar - The Souq Waqif Falcon Hospital has adopted RaptorMed to manage its huge number of patients. This is arguably the largest, most hi-tech raptor hospital in the world and we are honored to be associated with them.

Mar 2015 - Miami, FL - RaptorMed installed at the Pelican Harbor Seabird Station. They take of all types of critters including pelicans and other seabirds. Gotta love a pelican!

Jan 2015 - Los Angeles, CA - RaptorMed installed at the Natural History Muesum of LA County. The system will be used to take care of their population of educational animals including tarantulas and walking sticks!

December, 2014 - Tucson, AZ - RaptorMed installed at the Tucson Wildife Center. The great folks at TWC will now be using RaptorMed to take care of all types of native southwestern wildlife including gila monsters and javalina. RaptorMed will also be used to take care of their collection of residents including an awesome bobcat named "Wilbur".

September, 2014 - Rocky Point, NC - RaptorMed installed at the Cape Fear Raptor Center. Dr Gnyp is not only a very talented veterinarian but also a very experienced falconer. Her combined talents have proven unbelievably effective in helping to rehabilitate our raptor friends. I am very happy that RaptorMed can now help her continue this great work.

June, 2014 - RaptorMed LITE is now available. All the great features and functionality of the full system but at a greatly reduced price. Click here for more details.

April, 2014 - Fairmont, WV - RaptorMed installed at the West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center. This center has been taking care of our feathered friends for over 30 years and we are very pleased to be helping them care for their rapidly growing patient load.

March, 2014 - Kure Beach, NC - RaptorMed installed at the North Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher. The software has been updated to be able to handle the unique requirements for caring for aquatic animals and their complictated habitats. RaptorMed will be used to care for over 4000 animals ranging from jelly fish and sea horses to snakes and bald eagles! We are very pleased to welcome our first AZA-accredited institution to the RaptorMed family!

November, 2013 - Huntersville, NC - RaptorMed installed on interactive touch screen at Carolina Raptor Center. A generous donation provided for the purchase of a large, flat-panel touchscreen for use with RaptorMed. This display allows us to interact with our data in a very intuitive and immersive way. It also provides for a great learning experience when we have students doing veterinary externships here with us.

March 28, 2013 - Lynnwood, WA - RaptorMed installed at the PAWS. The software will be used to manage the care of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife patients ranging from hummingbirds to black bears to seals!.

February 24, 2013 - Glen Ellyn, IL - RaptorMed installed at the Willowbrook Wildlife Center. The software will be used to manage the care of wildlife patients at one of the largest and busiest rehabilitation centers in the country.

December 18, 2011 - Urbana, IL - RaptorMed installed at the Wildlife Medical Clinic at the College of Veterinary Medicine (Univ of Illinois). The software will be used to manage the care of over 1500 patients each year including mammals, reptiles, songbirds, waterfowl and raptors.

August 30, 2011 - Access your RaptorMed database from anywhere on your smart phone or tablet! Contact us for more information.

May 22, 2011 - Banner Elk, NC - RaptorMed installed at the Blue Ridge Wildlife Institute at Lees-McRae College. RaptorMed has been enhanced to handle all types of wildlife patients including mammals, reptiles, songbirds, waterfowl and raptors.

Jan 14, 2011 - Beijing - RaptorMed goes global after being installed at the Beijing Raptor Rescue Center (BRRC)!. Click here for more information.

RaptorMedTM is the first and only medical records software originally designed for the care and treatment of injured wildlife.

It was designed, developed and tested at Carolina Raptor Center in Charlotte and has been successfully used for more than 5 years. It was originally created to care for birds of prey and it has been expanded to manage all types of wildlife species ranging from hummingbirds and bald eagles to insects, black bears and jelly fish!

This amazing software will revolutionize the way you care for your patients.
  • Do more with fewer staff
  • Deliver an amazing level of care
  • Decrease your average days in rehab (and therefore your costs)
  • And open up your data to endless possibilities for research
It is now available for use at your facility. Interested? Click here to learn more.

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